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Lucy Schwartz 4 CD Bundle + Digital Downloads


Life In Letters, Help Me! Help Me!, Winter in June and Keep Me CDs. MP3s for each album will be emailed after you purchase.

This offer contains:

-Help Me! Help Me!
-Those Days
-Gone Away
-My Darling
-Rain City
-I Want the Sky
-Life in Letters
-Those Days
-Shadow Man
-Gone Away
-Somebody to Save
-Take a Picture
-Seven Hours ft. Aqualung (Bonus Track)
-La Luna (Bonus Track)
-Graveyard Original Demo (Bonus Track)
-Lucy Schwartz Life in Letters CD
-Lucy Schwartz Help Me! Help Me! EP CD
-Lucy Schwartz Winter in June CD
-I Know You
-You Are You Are
-Feeling of Being
-Keep Me
-Strange Feeling in the Night
-I Don't Know a Thing
-Face Down
-Pushed & Pulled
-High Above
-Blue Sky
-Crooked Box
-Paper Plane
-Keep Me EP

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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